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"I believe that less is more in aesthetic dentistry"

DT. Claude Less

My Passions

DT. Claude Less

I m passionate about beauty, which is all around us in:


- Nature s creations

- Works of art

- Fine foods

- Good wines



But most of all i am passionate about creating beautiful smiles


Shape, texture and colour combine in gastronomy to give a strong impression of the flavour to be expected. The pleasure of beautiful food begins long before tasting the first mouthful.


The nature gives us the example how to do it , for example the rocks, the sea, the light....we can see it in the opalescence in a stone or the translucence of a mountain lake or even the colours of the rainbow.


Patience rewards the talented winemaker who understands nature and works with it. It takes time and vision to create wines with an elegant character that age well and delight the palate.


Beauty  in art needs to be simple and look effortless like Picasso s work. The artist works hard with skill and talent to create simplicity by taking away all that is superfluous to the aim.

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